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The company utilizes expert tradesmen, most with over 30 years of experience in their specific trade. It has earned a great reputation in all of the suburbs for its exceptional performance and craftsmanship in all of its remodeling projects and its ability to get a job done quickly and within budget.

Cleveland Home Improvement works exclusively on residential home-improvement projects, handling any and all types of exterior work. Mr. Sapienza meets with each customer one-on-one to assess the project and develop an accurate estimate. ‘‘Most of my customers know what they are looking for in their home remodeling project,’’
said Mr. Sapienza. ‘‘My goal is to maximize their investment with the best service and products possible. What I have built over the past 30 years is something basic, tried and true. I give people fair prices with professional results. I have the knowledge and expertise to give good, proper estimates and to make sure that the job is carried out in a professional manner. My commitment to service and quality work has been the key to my success in the home remodeling industry.’’

Mr. Sapienza is a third-generation home improvement contractor. His grandfather, Sam Arcara, began in the home improvement field in the 1930s and was followed by his father, Robert Sapienza. Four of his brothers are also home improvement tradesmen. His family’s construction business was one of the first to register with the Better Business Bureau.

‘‘I grew up in the trade,’’ said Mr. Sapienza. ‘‘I also served as an apprentice with Ed Smith & Son Construction, learning concrete work and house lifting. Not only did I learn the skills of the trade but I developed a strong dedication to ensuring that each and every project is a job well done.’’
From a structural standpoint, he has lowered floors, raised houses, and lifted roofs to increase head room and improve the homeowner’s living space. He has helped homeowners lower their heating and cooling expense with the latest in thermal name-brand windows. He has also incorporated some of the newest products and technologies into his business such as the colored stamped concrete, which is the newest in decorative concrete surfacing for driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Cleveland Home Improvement is committed to helping customers solve their home improvement problems. The company is licensed, bonded and insured and guarantees the quality of its work to ensure complete customer satisfaction. References and free estimates are available. Call Cleveland Home Improvement at (440) 871-5780 to find out how Mr. Sapienza can help you improve the look of your home with comprehensive, expert remodeling services.

Quality Craftsmanship. No Specials or Fake Come-Ons. We Rely on Credibility.